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Most businesses don’t know how much they’re spending on printing costs. We’re ink and toner experts, and we’d like to help you save your business tons of money.

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We sell better ink and toner, for a fraction of the price of major office supply stores (think Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max). It’s not uncommon for our price to be 1/2 of the price of the big box retailers.

On top of it all, your office would never be out out of ink and toner because we offer FREE local delivery. Our headquarters is in South Florida. [Google Maps]

Did you know…

The average office employee costs the company over $700 in printing costs. $700?!

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You might be shocked to know that…

Printing costs are one of the top business operating expenses (and most business owners don’t know it). Learn more shocking stats by watching our video. These are typically the top business operating expenses…


  • #1: Office Rent (usually the highest expense)
  • #2: Employee Payroll (usually the second highest)
  • #3: Printing Costs (usually in the top 3 highest expenses)

You do what you do best,

we’ll do what we do best:

keeping your printing costs low


Spend up to 50% less on printing costs

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